Overview of our chalet host course

Why Host a Chalet?

Chalet hosting is a great choice for anyone with a passion for cooking, a desire to deliver excellent customer service, and a love for snowsports. In return for your commitment and hard work over the winter season, chalet hosting is undoubtedly the best job in the alps for maximising your time on the mountain. It is a versatile role that is available to anyone with the right drive and experience, with options for both couples and solo applicants. Chalet hosting is popular with those taking a gap year, mature applicants looking to take a career break, or anyone simply looking for a new and exciting experience.

What Experience Do I Need?

Chalet hosting is no piece of cake (see what we did there?) and employers will require you to display a wide range of skills in order to successfully secure a job. Completion of a Chalet Host course is undeniably the best way to give yourself a head start to working a ski season, and a lot of employers do require prospective hosts to undertake such a course, particularly those with more limited experience. Working a ski season is still as popular as ever, and with many ski companies reducing their catered chalet portfolios in anticipation of Brexit, competition for jobs is fiercer than ever. Completing a Chalet Host Course will help put you ahead of the game, and will always be looked upon favourably by employers.

The TAG Host course is ideal for candidates who have all the great attributes required to be a great chalet host, but lacking in some of the more practical skills, including general catering experience, or confidence cooking for larger numbers. The course is designed to develop both skills and confidence in all aspects of running a chalet, with a primary focus on the catering. It’s also a great option for those who are more confident in catering, but haven’t experienced a catered chalet environment previously. You will finish the course with an excellent understanding of exactly what chalet hosting involves, and equipped with the skills to be able to hit the ground running, and really make the most of your season.

Why TAG Host?

Our course provides an essential balance between gaining cooking experience and developing chalet hosting skills, alongside having some free time to enjoy what the beautiful French Alps have to offer. It is designed and delivered by the team behind The Alpine Generation, who operate 25 catered chalets in five resorts across the French Alps.

Benefit from our experience

Everyone involved in the design and delivery of the course has worked multiple seasons in chalet hosting roles, both for The Alpine Generation and other ski holiday companies. For The Alpine Generation, our team hand-pick dozens of chalet hosts who will welcome hundreds of guests to our chalets throughout the winter season. It is our job to make sure the hosts deliver the high standards of service our guests have come to expect.

Experience the chalet environment

The course is run in one of The Alpine Generation’s traditional alpine chalets in Morzine, meaning you will be experiencing a real chalet environment. The course is hands-on and practical, and you will get involved in all aspects of chalet life, from cooking and housekeeping, to hot tub maintenance and chalet troubleshooting, to understanding stock rotation and chalet budgets. It is designed to be a sociable and interactive environment, giving you the opportunity to ask many questions and learn by doing.

Explore and relax

You will be working similar hours to those of a chalet host, meaning you will have time off each afternoon to explore the surrounding area. On one day during the week you will have a full afternoon and evening off, giving you the opportunity to partake in one of Morzine’s many activities on offer and enjoy an evening meal out in a local restaurant.