About Us

TAG Host is run by a team of experienced and qualified professionals with many years managing catered ski chalets including setting up our own successful chalet businesses, as well careers in hospitality and professional training and development.

Laura Clarke, Senior Course Tutor

Laura is the co-founder of one of the original chalet host cookery courses and has extensive experience in the chalet industry having ran her own chalet company for 11 years before joining TAG. She knows everything there is to know about running a ski chalet and a successful cookery course and has helped and inspired many people to fulfill their dreams of working a ski season. From teaching a 62 year old gentleman the art of the Welcome Speech to introducing an 18 year old to an artichoke for the first time, Laura's passion for all things mountain, skiing, cooking and chalet life are infectious.

Eoghan Uttley, Course Tutor, Chalet Chef and Host

Abby Kettley-Goldstein, Course Tutor, Chalet Chef and Host

Graham Taylor, Director and Course Advisor

Graham brings his invaluable professional development experience combined with years of running his own chalet company to TAG Host, enabling it to be more than just another chalet host cookery course. Having spent over 20 years as a learning and development professional working with clients globally designing and delivering professional development initiatives, his experience of facilitation, coaching and training allows him to draw upon a wide range of business, organisational and developmental thinking. This means he can offer lots of different perspectives and examples to best meet the learning needs of his clients. He has worked with people at all levels of experience from interns and graduates through to senior management. He has worked with a large number of organizations including the Bank of England, Barclays, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Mittal Steel, Cargill, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan.

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