Our Team

The TAG Host course is designed and delivered by our friendly and experienced team, based across the UK and French Alps. Between us we have:

  • Worked 47 Winter Seasons
  • Welcomed thousands of guests
  • Made over half a ton of cake
  • Served several cubic metres of French onion soup
  • Skied 16,784 km* (Or boarded.... Sorry Ben!)
  • Cleaned far too many toilets

*Disclaimer: Figure may not be 100% accurate. In fact it’s a complete guess. We genuinely have no idea.

Meet the Team

Morgan was first drawn to winter seasons after discovering that being a chalet host was a perfect way to combine his love for cooking and the mountains, and hasn’t gone back to the city since! Morgan has clocked up bags of experience in chalet hosting, resort management and ski holiday sales. This experience makes him the perfect choice to lead our TAG Host courses.  His passion for all things food (cooking... and eating!) is positively infectious. Rumour has it he can be very easily bribed with cake… but you didn’t hear that from us.

Originally drawn to the alps by the promise of the “sweeter” side of life (aka, the guarantee of making cakes every day), Fiona quickly settled into the chalet host way of life. Now after several years’ experience as a chalet host and resort manager, Fiona heads up the recruitment program and oversees the in-chalet operations for The Alpine Generation. This includes making sure the standards of service within all the chalets are up to scratch, making sure our guests are happy, and combing through the nitty gritty details like chalet budgets and guest feedback. Generally the one who presents thought-provoking (/ridiculous) questions, like if you serve French Onion Soup in France, should it just become Onion Soup?

Graham brings his invaluable professional development experience to TAG Host, which combined with years of running his own chalet company we suppose makes him pretty useful. Having spent over 20 years as a learning and development professional working with clients globally, his experience of coaching and training allows him to offer lots of different perspectives and examples to best meet the learning needs of his clients. He has probably only however skied around 20 of those km mentioned above. Coffee stop anyone!?

Amongst many other things, Kelly looks after all of The Alpine Generation’s guests between point of sale and arrival into resort, making sure they are fully equipped with information and everything they need for a great holiday. If you want to know what makes a great chalet host from a guest's perspective, she's the person to ask! Having also 'served time' as a chalet host, she's also a dab hand a bed making, kitchen organisation, toilet cleaning and all those other glamorous tasks!

Ben has spent most of his 25+ years alpine experience working with various tour operators in operational and client-facing roles. He now oversees the French operations for The Alpine Generation, with a key focus on supplier relationships. Ben has literally seen it all over the years, and has a great deal of wisdom to impart on dealing with guests and difficult situations. Also the avid snowboarder in our team, he has many stories of trials and tribulations on the mountain, and considering he’s seen an avalanche (...or four), he has some great tips on staying safe on the mountain.

Charlie is a snow-loving German spaniel and, he likes to think, the brains behind the operation. Career highlights include water-fluming 150m down a drainage pipe and being rescued from a fox-hole by the Fire Brigade, although not on the same day. He was recently demoted as TAG Host's Head of Quality Control; primarily for being a terrible judge of quality, and often being out of control. Struggles with his weight, always on a diet. Banned from chalets and kitchens.

Guest Tutors
During your time on the TAG Host course you will have a minimum of two of the above tutors with you for the week, but don’t be surprised if some other friendly faces pop in to meet you. Some of our Resort Managers are based locally and may drop by to share some of their experiences and expertise throughout the week!